Party extras

Why not arrange some party extras to help make your event going with a bang,
from decorations and giveaways to that extra special balloon for the birthday child,
everything helps to make the party that extra special occasion. 


Made to order themed balloon sculptures

Is the Birthday boy or girl into something particular? Do they like a certain princess? a particular superhero? or maybe they are a fan of a particular TV program? Robbie can create literally anything from balloons, the balloon sculpture would make for an excellent display piece and really get the children and parents talking.

Prices start from £10 


Birthday Numbers

Birthday numbers can easily be themed to suit any birthday, Rob can create any number and decorate it with practically anything from cartoon characters, princesses, Superheros, cars, planes, flowers and so much more

Prices start from £30


Balloon Upgrade

During my 2 hours party package every chile will get a small simple balloon animal butfor a small fee you can upgrade so that every child can receive something more elaborate, maybe even theming the balloons to the party. 

Upgrades start at £1 per child


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