A-Z of Endangered Species – Hairy Nosed Otter

This week I am taking a look at Otters, in particular one of the least known animals on the planet, the Hairy Nosed Otter. This little chap was thought to be extinct up until 1998, since then a few small populations have been discovered in Southeast Asia. Because there are so few of the animals and they are very similar to other otters in the area very little about them is known. They live in coastal areas and rivers in Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam plus a few other remote areas. and feed on Fish and Crustaceans.

Otters can be found all over the world and range in size from the giant South American Otter which is nearly 2 meters long to the Oriental Small Clawed Otter which is just 70cm long. All Otters are at risk from various different threats, the usual suspects being habitat loss, pollutants and poaching. The Japanese River Otter sadly became extinct in the late 20th century do to hunting and then habitat loss, there are constant efforts to prove the existence of any of these animals in the wild in the hope that like the Hairy Nosed Otter some may have survived however none have yet been discovered. 

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Next week it is the Letter P, any guesses?