Heracles and the Stymphalian Birds

It is week 6 and time for the next labour of Heracles, last week we left Heracles having cleaned the Toxic dung filled Augean stables in a single day. Heracles returns to the palace of King Eurystheus to receive his next labour, his 6th in as many years and is told that he must defeat the Stymphalian birds (sounds easy huh?), these nasty meat eating birds had claws of bronze, metal feathers that could be fired at its prey, and toxic dung (what is it about these creatures and their toxic dung?), no one could go anywhere near them without being harmed.

Upon reaching Stymphalia in Arcadia Heracles realised that the soft marshy land would not support his weight, he could not get anywhere near the birds to hunt them and kill them. The goddess Athena happened to be watching and decided to lend a hand, speaking to her immortal blacksmith friend (names Hephaestus, creator of Zeus’s Thunderbolt) she had him create a loud rattle. Heracles was able to shake this rattle and scare the birds into the sky, once the birds where in flight he could shoot them down with his bow and arrow and the area was now free from the horrible birds leaving just a few to fly away never to return.