Hercules obtains the cattle of Geryon

For the last 9 years Heracles had managed to complete every single task given to him by King Eurystheus, it had been a long and difficult 9 years and when Heracles first set out on completing these tasks there were originally just 10 of them to complete, in next week’s post we will find out why this was not the last of the labours. For now Heracles was getting ready to do the last of his labours and he makes his annual visit to King Eurystheus for news of his next Labour, to Obtain the Cattle of Geryon.

Geyron was a fierce giant who lived on an island far to the west of the Mediterranean Sea. There are many descriptions of what he looked like, one account says that he had huge wings, another version gave him 6 arms and 6 legs, one version gave him 3 bodies, the Geyron I have chosen to make has 3 heads, I also gave him a massive club which he can use as a weapon.

Heracles had a long trip to obtain the cattle of Geyron, first he headed south to the coast of Africa and crossed the Libyan desert, it was here that the heat really got to Heracles and he shot an arrow at the sun in anger. Helios (god of the sun) admired the courage of the hero and decided to loan Heracles his chariot for the rest of the journey.

On arrival at the island Heracles encountered the 2 headed dog Orthrus, this beast was soon dispatched with. Next up was Eurytion the herdsman, again Heracles dealt with him and upon hearing the commotion Geryon came to see what was going on. Heracles shot a single arrow at the giant and because it was coated with poison from the Lernean Hydra the giant fell dead straight away leaving the cattle free to take back to King Eurystheus in Greece.