Heracles Obtains the Girdle of Hippolyta

King Eurystheus was starting to get very angry, for the last 8 years the king had sent Heracles off on his labours with the intention that Heracles would be killed and not return however Heracles being the son of Zeus was more than just a normal man and has succeeded in every one of the tasks so far, the king however still wanted Heracles dead and so he was trying to think up more and more impossible tasks for Heracles to do. 

Far to the east of Greece lived a tribe of warriors called the Amazons, this tribe was the creation of the God of War Ares and it consisted completely of women, they were much feared as like their father they lived for nothing but war. The tribe was ruled by one of the most feared women in the world, Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons. Hippolyta was given a magical girdle by her creator and father Ares, this Girdle gave Hippolyta the power to rule over the Amazons.

King Eurystheus had heard about this girdle and the terrifying tribe, he knew that any man who went anywhere near the tribe would be killed instantly but he thought the girdle might be a nice gift for his daughter, it was a win win situation for him, either Heracles gets killed OR the Kings daughter gets a gift, and so Heracles set off to get the girdle (or die trying).

On arrival at the land of the Amazons Heracles was expecting trouble but instead word of his arrival had travelled ahead, he was met by Queen Hippolyta and she had heard of his exploits. Queen Hippolyta was very impressed by the stories she had heard and Heracles and Hippolyta got to know each other, after many months they fell in love. Hippolyta knew of the task to collect the Girdle and so she eventually offered it to him freely. The nasty goddess Hera saw what was happening, she hated Heracles and so she spread a rumour in the tribe that Heracles was going to kill them all, the tribe attacked Heracles giving him the impression that Hippolyta had turned against him, so he killed the Queen and escaped with the girdle back to King Eurystheus