Heracles captures the Cretan Bull

We are now 7 years into the long 12 year journey and we join Heracles as he awaits the 7th of his labours. King Eurystheus eventually decides and tells Heracles that he must capture the Cretan Bull.

The Cretan bull lived on the island of Crete, it was the creation of the god Poseidon and was meant to be sacrificed to the god however Minos (the King of Crete) decided it was too magnificent to sacrifice and he sent a different bull for sacrifice instead. Poseidon was obviously very angry about this and with the help of Aphrodite he caused the wife of Minos to fall in love with the Cretan bull. The result of this ungodly union between Bull and human was a creature called the Minotaur which I am sure I will cover in a future post. The Cretan bull however went away to cause havoc on the island of Crete by spending its days rampaging through the fields and villages.

On arrival Heracles met with the king who was so pleased to see the arrival of such a hero. News of the adventures of Heracles was spreading around the world and he was become quite famous, as you can imagine his arrival on the island of Crete was quite a big event for an island in need of help. Heracles soon tracked down the bull and caught it by the horns, holding it firm by the horns Heracles managed to manoeuvre the creature and wrap his arms around the beasts neck, he was then able to throttle it until it fell unconscious.

Heracles eventually took the bull back to King Eurystheus where it was again meant to be sacrificed but the gods refused the sacrifice and the bull was released to become the Marathonian Bull where it continued to wreak havoc until it was eventually captured and sacrificed by Theseus (of Minotaur fame).

This bull balloon is completely the invention of the great balloon artist Masayoshi Matsumoto, His balloon work is AMAZING and I don’t really think I do it any justice so all praise should go towards him.

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