It's a Balloon World After All - Russia

Привет! Как поживаешь?

Hello all, after a short break I am back with the biggest country of all, yes it is Russia.

The first thing I made for Russia was the little monkey character, Russia is not somewhere you would expect to find monkeys however this little chap is a popular children's character called Cheburashka, He was created by Soviet writer Eduard Uspensky in 1966 and is also known as Topple. Cheburashka features in books, animated films and has appeared at several Olympic Games as the official Russian mascot.

The egg is of course a Fabergé egg, created by the House of Fabergé in St Petersburg between 1885 and 1917; it is unknown how many of these eggs were made however it is thought to be 69 of which 57 have survived. Most Fabergé eggs were made for the Russian Tsars and nobility, they have appeared in many films and TV shows, for me the most famous appearance was in the 1983 James Bond film 'Octopussy' starring Roger Moore. 

As you can see I have made a Russian Doll (or Matryoshka doll), Made of wood they are a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another, first created in the late 1800s they are now known around the world coming in call different shapes and sizes. The world record for the most layers of Russian dolls currently stands at 51 dolls. 

My little Russian mad is dressed for winter; he is wearing his fluffy Russian hat (Ushanka) which is made from sheepskin, rabbit or muskrat fur. The name Ushanka means Ears and this is because the flaps of the hat come down tying below the chin keeping the ears and jaw warm in the cold weather. 

Until next time, Увидимся