It's a Balloon World After All - Netherlands

Goedendag, Hoe gaat het?

I like the Netherlands, I am lucky that my ballooning has taken me to the Netherlands twice so far and I am excited to be going again in a couple of weeks time. I had two options when planning this picture, the easy option or the hard option. I could have thought long and hard about 3 or 4 things to make from balloons, maybe a boy with his finger in a dam? or some Gouda? how about some Delft or a Van Gogh? nope, I took the easy route and I chose the 3 most obvious things I could think of, Tulips, Clogs and Windmills.

I recently saw my friend Dave (a balloon man) make a tulip and after talking to Twistina (a balloon lady) about her Tulip design I kind of created a version half way between the 2. I have strolled through the flower market in Amsterdam a few times but I have yet to see the tulip fields, Maybe next time. 

My Windmill is based on one I saw Pieter Van Engen make, he made a fantastic scene sometime ago and I loved it, I have made my design slightly different but it is heavily inspired by Pieter. I saw a couple of Windmills during my last visit to the Netherlands, in the beautiful town of Leiden. During my first visit to the Netherlands I was taken to the amazing Open Air museum in historic Arnhem by Ingrid and Dennis, several windmills can be seen here.

Next we have a Clog, Wallie gave me the idea at a recent balloon event so thanks Wallie for reminding me of this design, would you believe it is made from a heart shaped balloon?

The Orange border of this picture is a nod to several things, Most importantly it is the color of the Dutch Royal Family. Orange is the colour of the Netherlands Football team home shirt, also the colour is also a nod to one of the greatest musicals I have ever seen, 'Soldaat van Oranje' is a technical marvel and mind blowing theatrical creation and an incredible story that I recommend to everyone. 

Finally we have the lady in traditional Dutch costume, costumes vary across the country but the lady here is wearing a traditional hat, this would often be made of lace or stiff material, I think they are called Square hats. She is also wearing her long black dress with a white lace front. 

Tot de volgende keer, doei.