It's a Balloon World After All - Romania

Salut, Ce mai faci?

For the second week running I am looking at a requested country, A few weeks ago I was asked by Nicole to take a look at Romania as it was where she was born, so here you go Nicole. 

Romania was another difficult country to research, I did manage to whittle it down to a few key elements tho. first of all the strange structure on the left is based upon a sculpture by the Romanian artist Constantin Brâncuși, it is entitled Endless Column and it one of 3 sculptures built to commemorate the Romanian heroes of the First World War. 

Romania is the home of the Danube Delta, the place where the Danube reaches open water (The Black Sea). The Danube delta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and as you can imagine is home to some wonderful wildlife including Europes largest colony of Pelicans. More than 20,000 pelicans are currently living in Romania and according to a recent census of the birds  19,993, are great white pelicans while 534 are Dalmatian pelicans.

While looking into the cuisine of Romania one dish kept coming up, it is the dish of Samale, This is a dish consisting of minced meat with rice, wrapped in either pickled cabbage leaves, I never imagined I would ever be making anything as random as a dish of stuffed cabbage leaves out of balloons but there is a first time for everything. 

Finally I thought long and hard about what little character to do for Romania, I did look into traditional Romanian dress (which is lovely) however I kept going back to one of the most well known Romanians, Vlad III, prince of Wallachia, AKA Vlad the Impaler and the inspiration for horror legend Count Dracula. The most likely home of the Count is thought to be Castle Bran in Romania's Transylvania, Dracula as we know him however is just a horror legend and the stuff of stories . . . . or is he?

I currently have no idea what part of the world I am taking a look at next week, for the first time in this project I have no plans of where I am going to be taking my virtual journey so you will have to wait and see, do you have any suggestions? why not let me know and I can include your country in my series.

Until next week - Vă doresc o zi plăcută!